North Berks pylon race meeting 09/06/19

Pylon racing returns to North Berks

Pylon racing at North Berks

Pylon racing made a very welcome return to the North Berks flying site (NBRAMS) at East Hanney on Sunday 9th June.

As has often been the case recently the racers were blessed with good weather for most of the day, there were 3 classes being flown at this meeting, these being E2K, Club 32 and Q40 (F3T). Racing at North Berks has seen some epic battles with Club 20 pylon racers in the past and a little of that was recreated on the 9th June with some very close racing in all three classes being flown.

The pylon race community were pleased to welcome two new racers.  Darren Goule was one of these new racers, Darren is a very experienced pilot and this showed as he immeadiately got into his stride flying E2K under the tutorlege of Paul Bardoe, when all the dust settled Darren ended up second in E2K which was great for a first time out.

E2K had an enthusiastic following with pilots of all skills levels taking part, this class is really good for both experts and begineers alike.

Club 32 was pleased to welcome the other new racer, this being North Berks club Chairman Neville Mattingley, Neville was flying with his son John who only started racing in autumn last year but is very firmly hooked on the thrill of RC pylon racing, Neville had flown pylon racing in the early 1970’s but then went on to a very succesful competition career as thermal soaring pilot, it was good to see Neville flying his new Tracer to good effect.

In Q40 Julian Downham was shaking down engines for a forth coming trip to the US Nationals, good luck with that trip Julian, we will follow your progress. North Berks member John Mattingley flew a Lyle Larson Vendetta in Q40and had a good meeting, John has been able to come into pylon racing and handle the technical side of the events with equal ease to his good flying.

So many thanks to the North Berks club for hosting pylon racing again, also many thanks to the volenteers who make an event like this possible, your efforts are appriciated.


  • E2K 1st place Danny Wozney
  • Club 32 1st place Michael Toyer
  • Q40 1st place Nathan Attridge

Barkston Results 12/05/19

Barkston 12_05_2019 Results

RC pylon racing returned to Barkston Heath for the first time this season, the site was perfect, the meeting was flown from the flat end of the runway and the weather was superb all day, this is a World class pylon racing facility when the weather is good.

There were entries in E2K, Club 32, Q40/F3T and F3D. This was the first meeting where the BMPRA have mixed short course flying (E2K, Club 32)  with long course flying (F3D/F3T), CD Joe Harvey had set out two number one pylons in the respective positions for both courses, with the No 1 marshals’ moving to the appropriate pylon for the heat being flown. This worked very well and will most probably be used again in the future.

There were new competitors in three of the four classes being flown, all of these new entrants have arisen from the recent promotion of pylon racing in the UK, and the new guy’s are very welcome.

Joe Harvey and Shane Egan did a great job to create heat sheets that pandered to all the demands placed upon them by pilots wanting certain callers etc.

Although the weather was nice and the flying site as mentioned earlier was perfect, the race times were a little slower than some of the top racers would have liked to see, however a good day was had by all, results are in the link above.

Many thanks to Paul Bardoe in his work securing this venue, to Joe Harvey, Shane Egan and Geb Jones for running the meeting and to all competitors who showed up to race.


2018 BMFA Nationals

This year’s event will also incorporate the Royal Aero Clubs, Queens Cup (Click Here for more info on this prestigious cup), to be contested for on the pylon course in the class of F3T through the organization of British Pylon Race Association and the Sport Air Racing Association. Plans are in place to run the event over the 3 days of the event with contestants flying in qualifying heats on Saturday and Sunday followed by 3 up semis and a final on the Monday morning. If you’ve never seen semis and finals in pylon racing come along and watch, but be warned it’s not for the faint hearted.

First Aid App

Thanks to the bmfa for the information on this app, I highly recommend you download it to your phone and like me hope you never need it.

Our sport of model aircraft flying has a long proven track record of being a very safe sport to participate in, however accidents can happen or we or our fellow fliers may be taken ill at anytime. Would you be able to help if someone was injured or taken ill? First Aid training is very worthwhile and should be considered and it is always wise to have a personal first aid kit with you and a well stocked kit available at clubs if possible.

Having the knowledge to be able to help when these things happen could save some one life, there are now some free First Aid apps that you can download to your smart phone with lots of step by step guides explaining what to do in the event of medical emergencies. Consider adding one to your phone. Hopefully you will never need to call on them but they could prove very useful if needed.

See the links below for more details.



2017 Festival of Pylon will take place over the weekend of 23rd & 24th September at the BMFA National Centre Buckminster Nr Grantham. This event will cover all aspects of pylon racing and with two courses set up one to cover Club 2000 & E2k models, the other course for F3d, F5D and F3T models.

Alongside the normal pylon race activates there will be a Run What You Brung class, this is your chance to have ago with whatever you have, be it a Wot 4, EFX racer or a foam wing FPV racer (anything you have will do) your all welcome and have ago. We will give you a chance have a couple of practice flights with one of our experienced pilots to guide you and help with advice on the Saturday.

All you need to take part is an R/C model aircraft and your BMFA membership card (B not required) and a small fee of £8 per day.

As a basic guide smaller models of around 1000mm wing span will fly the smaller course, larger models will fly around the larger course. If youre coming for the first time my recommendation is that you use a model that youre familiar and set it up to be smooth.

Non flying spectators are welcome to come along, dont be surprised to find you involved before the end of the day.

Tea and coffee will be available during the day with a Barbeque and suitable entertainment on Saturday evening, some food will be provided for a small donation or you can bring your own and cook to your hearts content.

Camping is available on site for a small cost of £5 pernight. Pre-booking is required ether directly with the BMFA or through us.

Local accommodation is also available with 12 or more places to lay your head within 15 miles there will be something to suit most budgets.

For more information please consult