North Berks pylon race meeting 09/06/19

Pylon racing returns to North Berks

Pylon racing at North Berks

Pylon racing made a very welcome return to the North Berks flying site (NBRAMS) at East Hanney on Sunday 9th June.

As has often been the case recently the racers were blessed with good weather for most of the day, there were 3 classes being flown at this meeting, these being E2K, Club 32 and Q40 (F3T). Racing at North Berks has seen some epic battles with Club 20 pylon racers in the past and a little of that was recreated on the 9th June with some very close racing in all three classes being flown.

The pylon race community were pleased to welcome two new racers.  Darren Goule was one of these new racers, Darren is a very experienced pilot and this showed as he immeadiately got into his stride flying E2K under the tutorlege of Paul Bardoe, when all the dust settled Darren ended up second in E2K which was great for a first time out.

E2K had an enthusiastic following with pilots of all skills levels taking part, this class is really good for both experts and begineers alike.

Club 32 was pleased to welcome the other new racer, this being North Berks club Chairman Neville Mattingley, Neville was flying with his son John who only started racing in autumn last year but is very firmly hooked on the thrill of RC pylon racing, Neville had flown pylon racing in the early 1970’s but then went on to a very succesful competition career as thermal soaring pilot, it was good to see Neville flying his new Tracer to good effect.

In Q40 Julian Downham was shaking down engines for a forth coming trip to the US Nationals, good luck with that trip Julian, we will follow your progress. North Berks member John Mattingley flew a Lyle Larson Vendetta in Q40and had a good meeting, John has been able to come into pylon racing and handle the technical side of the events with equal ease to his good flying.

So many thanks to the North Berks club for hosting pylon racing again, also many thanks to the volenteers who make an event like this possible, your efforts are appriciated.


  • E2K 1st place Danny Wozney
  • Club 32 1st place Michael Toyer
  • Q40 1st place Nathan Attridge