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Drone sports

maxresdefaultFAI establishes a Working Group on drones

As the world governing body for all air sports recognised by the International Olympic Committee, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale is responsible for world drone sports. As part of its work in this area, FAI has now established a Working Group on matters related to drones, comprised of members of the FAI Executive Board and the Executive of the Aeromodelling Commission as well as senior FAI officials.
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The location

The location identified is Buckminster Lodge, a former equestrian centre, situated on the Leicestershire/Lincolnshire border, close to the towns of Grantham and Melton Mowbray and approximately 5 miles from the A1

The site consists of 43 acres of land with existing buildings and structures on the southern boundary and lends itself very well to a phased development of facilities with the potential to realise a significant level of flying activity early in the development of the project.

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Funding for the centre does not and will not come from our membership fees. From day one the policy has been that it is to be self sustaining. To date the financing of the project has been by commercial and personal donations,  now as the project moves to the next stage (construction of flight lines and basic building development) you could play a part in its and our future by making a donation.

The BMFA  have received a number of donations already and invite you to make your donation by cheque or debit/credit card. Click Here for more information on donating.



Christmas Draw

Cambria Funfighters Christmas Draw


Hi all, I would like to announce the Christmas Draw for this year from Cambria Funfighters.

The winner will receive one of our new Zero Kits, ready for the winter build just after the first of January, which is the closing date for the Draw. The entry fee is £2.00 for the draw. Using the Paypal button below you have three options of one, 5 or 10 entries to the draw, alternatively, please send your £2.00 to via Paypal.

Also you get a free entry with every kit purchase. 100% of the profits will be donated to Keech Hospice Care in Luton. A fantastic and very worthy charity.


Please note: If you wish to donate direct to Keech via their website then please forward details of the transaction to me for your entry. It is fine to do this but does make it a little harder to keep track of. I need to keep very accurate records of the donations to avoid complications later. It makes it a lot more straight forward to Paypal the donation to

E2K rule up date

In an attempt to level the racing field in E2K, so that anyone can come and race and be right on the pace with no special motors or batteries being required.  It was voted at the 2016 agm that speed controllers would be limited to 15200rpm. Just watch the effect of rpm limiting esc in this Dutch E2K video.


Breaking news from Stuart Mc Farlane for E2K. Following a poll of all current E2K racers it has been agreed that for next year this class will use a rev limiting esc. This move really does address the final problem that existed with this class and absolutely puts the onus on the pilot. No longer will you need batteries in tip top condition and no longer will you have to search for a really good motor.. Initially these modified esc’s will only be available from me (at cost) but I will include a set of instructions with every esc sold and will tell people how to modify their own esc’s and the equipment needed to do so. Mark my words 2017 will be the year of some of the closest racing ever seen round a pylon course………and the best bit is that newcomers will have models with the exact same performance as the race winners without spending a fortune.

For more information contact Stu Mc Farlane:

F3D Pylon Racing Team Manager application 2017

Candidates are invited to apply for the post of GBR F3D Team Manager 2017, (R/C I/C powered Pylon Racing Model Aircraft), for the World Championship to be held in Sweden from 23rd to 29th July 2017. Our Team Manager needs a thorough knowledge of the current FAI Sporting Code and in particular the F3D rules.  The duties will include coordinating team training, travel and accommodation. If you are interested please send your CV by email to to be received no later than the 31 January 2017

2016 BMFA Nationals Entry Form

BMFA Pylon Race Nationals 2016


Gents your nationals entry form is ready.

Read it carefully as what box you tick will make a difference to the planning of this great event.

Please bear in mind it is also F3D team trials so for those that are interested in a trip to Sweden at £9 per pint !! Next year please tick the box and pay the extra entry.

Please also remember the Saturday night will be the KK Polaris chuck glider event ? Plans and kits are available from your local shop or internet provider for those that don’t like mixing face to face !!

I will need to know who’s camping and at the moment for pilots an helpers and family it’s free. However a whip round for Geoff wouldn’t go a miss from campers ?

Toilets will be on site from The Friday so your covered Nath. 

And yes the is  field available all week for flying.10.00/4.00 for racers , gliders EF whenever ? 

Organised practice is from Friday morning 10.00/5.00 

Water tap should be available I can confirm this in the next couple of weeks.

There’s plenty of B&B , hotel and other campsites in the area all within a 15 min drive from the airfield.

Each class needs a min of 4 entries to make it a British Championship event.

In the case of F5D where the team is probably not going to make it so 4 will not be achievable we will run their nats within our September meeting . 

Your overall Nats organiser is Me!! Paul Bardoe

Technical committee will be

Barrie Lever

Geb Jones

Bruce Illingworth

Race day (heats)

Dave Cline

Assistant Chris Illingworth

Paul Bardoe

Pylon dates


400 Metre course pylon racing

F3d, F3T Q500, SP40 & RWYB

Now confirmed 26/02/2016


March  26/27. Sculthorpe


Sculthorpe test  dates                               6th March – 10th April

Garstang test and race                   16th + 17th April

Sculthorpe test and race               14th + 15th May

Garstang test and race                   11th + 12th June

Sculthorpe test and race               23rd + 24th July

Garstang test and 2 day race  Nationals/ team trials 29th 30th and 31st July

Garstang test and race                   13th + 14th August

Garstang test and race                  24th + 25th September

Sculthorpe test and race                  15th + 16th October


Whilst these dates are unlikely to change, please register your entry with Dave Cline and check back here closer to the date.