Barkston Results 12/05/19

Barkston 12_05_2019 Results

RC pylon racing returned to Barkston Heath for the first time this season, the site was perfect, the meeting was flown from the flat end of the runway and the weather was superb all day, this is a World class pylon racing facility when the weather is good.

There were entries in E2K, Club 32, Q40/F3T and F3D. This was the first meeting where the BMPRA have mixed short course flying (E2K, Club 32)  with long course flying (F3D/F3T), CD Joe Harvey had set out two number one pylons in the respective positions for both courses, with the No 1 marshals’ moving to the appropriate pylon for the heat being flown. This worked very well and will most probably be used again in the future.

There were new competitors in three of the four classes being flown, all of these new entrants have arisen from the recent promotion of pylon racing in the UK, and the new guy’s are very welcome.

Joe Harvey and Shane Egan did a great job to create heat sheets that pandered to all the demands placed upon them by pilots wanting certain callers etc.

Although the weather was nice and the flying site as mentioned earlier was perfect, the race times were a little slower than some of the top racers would have liked to see, however a good day was had by all, results are in the link above.

Many thanks to Paul Bardoe in his work securing this venue, to Joe Harvey, Shane Egan and Geb Jones for running the meeting and to all competitors who showed up to race.