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F3D Pylon Racing Team Manager application 2017

Candidates are invited to apply for the post of GBR F3D Team Manager 2017, (R/C I/C powered Pylon Racing Model Aircraft), for the World Championship to be held in Sweden from 23rd to 29th July 2017. Our Team Manager needs a thorough knowledge of the current FAI Sporting Code and in particular the F3D rules.  The duties will include coordinating team training, travel and accommodation. If you are interested please send your CV by email to to be received no later than the 31 January 2017

Pylon dates


400 Metre course pylon racing

F3d, F3T Q500, SP40 & RWYB

Now confirmed 26/02/2016


March  26/27. Sculthorpe


Sculthorpe test  dates                               6th March – 10th April

Garstang test and race                   16th + 17th April

Sculthorpe test and race               14th + 15th May

Garstang test and race                   11th + 12th June

Sculthorpe test and race               23rd + 24th July

Garstang test and 2 day race  Nationals/ team trials 29th 30th and 31st July

Garstang test and race                   13th + 14th August

Garstang test and race                  24th + 25th September

Sculthorpe test and race                  15th + 16th October


Whilst these dates are unlikely to change, please register your entry with Dave Cline and check back here closer to the date.