E2K is one of the newest classes of pylon racing and was introduced as a low cost electric class to make use of the inexpensive electric setups that were then coming onto the market.

The rules for the airframe are based around the very popular C2000 i/c class and any Club 2000 model could be used in E2k and can be found here

When the class was introduced it was a one motor class with the Turnigy 3536 / 1400 being used. The propeller was an 8×6 and the battery was 4s lipo and the models were slightly quicker than their i/c counterparts. The only problem with the class was that it was very much battery dependant and the fastest competitors always made sure that they had a good batteries, at least for the final!!

Nowadays that is a thing of the past as the rules now state that all the models are fitted with a rpm limiting esc which limits the rpm to 15200. The loss of performance due to the decrease in rpm is recovered by the use of an 8×8 propeller. There is now also a choice of three different motors available from two different sources. The rpm limited escs are available from Stuart Mc Farlane at stuart@dinthill.plus.com

The introduction of this limiter has made the performance of the models much closer and has accounted for a large increase in competitors flying the class in the Netherlands.

A kit to build one of these models is available from Cloud Models http://www.cloudmodels.com who will also supply a nice foam cored wing if you want to design your own model. There is also a free plan available elsewhere on this site at this link http://bmpra.bmfa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Jasper-2ek_tiledonA4.pdf  Just make sure that the drawing is at the right scale after printing.

For next year it is anticipated that the race meetings will be held every month with the venue alternating between the new National Centre and the usual field near Hadnal in Shropshire.

If you are interested in joining in the fun of this class then please contact stuart@dinthill.plus.com

or grahamclarke5@talktalk.net



E2K plan print of on 8 sheets of A4 paper and stick together CLICK HERE

Some building and set up tips from Stuart Mc Farlane to go along with your new E2K racer.

Motor – Turnigy Aerodrive SK3-3536-1400kv or NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1400kv  Available from Hobbyking or Overlander Thumper V3 3536/05 1500kv Available from Overlander and probably other UK modelshops. It will make no difference what motor you use as the limiter will take care of any differences.

ESC – I would recommend buying the YEP 60a or 80a as you can fly with those straight away and they are also programmable to comply with the limiter rules for next year. I can program them for you when needed. These are available from Hobbyking, or ready flashed from me in the near future.

Batteries – The limiter rules mean that batteries are much less of an issue than before and almost any half decent 2200mah 4 cell pack will suffice. A lot of people have used Turnigy heavy duty packs to good effect.

Propeller – Next year we will be using an APC 8×8 with the limited setup but if you are going to test an unlimited setup then you need to use an APC 8×6 or RAM 8×6

I would recommend using 4mm gold connectors on the battery (Positive = female Negative = male) then you will be able to borrow an esc or the odd battery if required.