E2K rule up date

In an attempt to level the racing field in E2K, so that anyone can come and race and be right on the pace with no special motors or batteries being required.  It was voted at the 2016 agm that speed controllers would be limited to 15200rpm. Just watch the effect of rpm limiting esc in this Dutch E2K video.


Breaking news from Stuart Mc Farlane for E2K. Following a poll of all current E2K racers it has been agreed that for next year this class will use a rev limiting esc. This move really does address the final problem that existed with this class and absolutely puts the onus on the pilot. No longer will you need batteries in tip top condition and no longer will you have to search for a really good motor.. Initially these modified esc’s will only be available from me (at cost) but I will include a set of instructions with every esc sold and will tell people how to modify their own esc’s and the equipment needed to do so. Mark my words 2017 will be the year of some of the closest racing ever seen round a pylon course………and the best bit is that newcomers will have models with the exact same performance as the race winners without spending a fortune.

For more information contact Stu Mc Farlane: stuart@dinthill.plus.com

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